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April 29, 2007



I am so jealous of those socks! Lucky you!


Very nice sock-showing-off shoes, too!

Janice in GA

Oh man, what kind of shoes are those?? They look great with the great-looking socks!

hhpny knits

that is awesome! the whole process and they are lovely!! a very special gift.


Those socks are GORGEOUS. What a great swap pal you had!


Gorgeous, gorgeous socks! What a talented and generous swap pal!


Those are cool socks and the fact that they were handspun makes it even better!

I LOVE your shoes!!


Gorgeous socks! A whole lot of love and effort went into them which makes them that much more special.


Those socks are gorgeous! I love the colour,and that cable pattern on the top is beautiful. I hope she does publish it!


Yum! Everything looks so beautiful--and those socks? Wow!


That has got to be one of the best gifts I've ever seen. She really put a lot of thought and time into that gift and it looks like they fit great!


Fabulous package of goodies and even better pair of socks!


Gorgeous socks, and beautiful sock yarn! :)


how amazing!!!!! the yarn as well as the sock pattern - beautiful! and look at your garden!


Those socks are beautiful! And I love the Skechers. I have a plain pair in brown but I may have to indulge in an eyelet pair after seeing how pretty they look on your feet!
Question-Will you be at MD S&W? With Sock Hop perhaps? :)




The socks are great. Despite the fact that I've watched her progress every week on the blog, I still can't believe how much work she must have put into them. Gorgeous!


They are beautiful!!


What an amazing pair of socks! You are such a lucky lady... handmade especially for you from beginning to end! Simply lovely!


I've had my eye on those socks -- they are divine! And she is the bomb since she did all that with two kids at home. I love all these women that are driven to create!!!


Lovely socks and package! And I see you are a member of the perfect Skechers for handknit socks club as well. I already have a pair put away for when these wear out (and they inevitably discontinue...)

If anyone's interested, the ones that show off the socks best, IMHO, are the Skechers Sightsee. They have sort of mesh at the toes so you can see the stripes right down to the end. Love them with the fire of a thousand suns!!


Heehee! Rachel is the Little Red Hen of socks! They are wonderful (and so is watermelon swirl).


Oh you are so lucky that those were your socks! They are just beautiful!


Aw, shucks! All those nice things that people said about the socks, I'm blushing! Seriously, though, I'm so glad you like them, and it looks like they do indeed fit perfectly. That was what I worried about the most.

I absolutely love your shoes. I came so close to ordering a pair, but I've bought so many new pairs of shoes lately, I had to hold off. Now that I've seen how well they show off handknit socks, though, I may not be able to resist much longer!


I am a little behind in reading blogs but I wanted to comment on your post with the books, knitting, and flowers. I love your last line, "flowers feed the soul," as I really believe that. Nothing perks me up, especially in winter, than seeing a cheery and fragrant flower at a florist shop. A couple of hours at a local nursery is better than any therapy in the world when you are stressed out.

Your Saturday mornings sound just heavenly. And now you have those lovely socks to keep you warm while you read and knit!!

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