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March 12, 2007


Amelia Garripoli

Oh wow -- thanks for sharing all this! and the thumbnails look great.

It took me the better part of 15+ hours just to spin and ply 4 ounces. My excuse? 3-ply :-) and I'm sticking with it! That and the 15 hours came in 1-hour segments late in the evening with a movie on the telly.

hPNY Knits

wow. its amazing I have just tried to spin with a spindle last weekend, and it heighten my appreciation of hand spun yarn. you guys are amazing!


all that work is so appreciated and loved!I know that every time I wear my socks I think about it where they came from.

I can't wait for the next update...but you already knew that!!


Thanks for sharing parts of your process with us! As a new spindle spinner, I really appreciate it. I also enjoy seeing how different the roving, the yarn, and the knitted fabric look.
You only had to say "persian rug", and it was clear I would love the Magic Carpet Ride colorway! I've been to Iran twice already (and can't wait to go again), and it's too bad I didn't have a digital camera at the time, or I would have shared some of my pictures if ever you wanted some inspiration. One thing I noticed while there: each city somehow has its own colorway, each one as pretty as the other, but always a little different. I thought this was quite interesting.


Thanks for sharing this. I just recently bought a spinning wheel, but have been spinning with spindles for about a year. I love the process, but am still such a novice!
The yarns are all so beautiful! The Magic Carpet Ride colorway is so beautiful!!


I have absolutely no clue when it comes to spinning yarn (I've never even seen anyone do it), so this was amazing to read. Thanks for explaining the process and now I understand better why the finished product is so gorgeous!!


Thank you for that lovely walk-through. Knowing that I plan to spin an entire sweater's worth of wool this year is a bit intimidating, but it will be worsted so maybe it will go a little faster than sock yarn. Probably not, as I am not a pro.

Speaking of hot/cool water for setting the twist, care to give me your opinion on something? I am currently still carding this sweater's worth of wool. I purposely left some of the lanolin in (by not washing the wool in super-hot water or a lot of detergent) because (a) I like the feel of it and (b) it seemed like it would be better if the wool weren't all dried out. There seem to be various schools of thought on lanolin; most often I read that you want to eliminate it altogether but then use spinning oil to help the fiber during spinning. (I don't even know what spinning oil is.) Or some say lanolin helps the finished yarn be somewhat waterproof, not that I really care; I planned to soak the yarn in very hot water after spinning.

So: What do you know about lanolin?


Fascinating! I don't know anything about spinning, tried it once on a 'wool day' organised by the National Trust at a stately home near me and it was good fun, would love to try it again, especially after your description of making colours come together as you imagined.


Excellent post, hon. I love seeing all the colors and reading about the process. I think all those people on the waiting list should learn to spin their own!


Gorgeous photos and another fab tutorial of sorts. I can't wait to sink my teeth into some spinning but first I must finish some Bloomin' Feet sock and one stubbor sweater for hubby. ;)


What a great post. I understand completely about how much work goes into it. I just started spinning the You Baby colorway this weekend. It is so very pretty! Now that I have seen the Magic Carpet Ride singles, I know I have to have that one too. :)


Gosh, Wiz, you are making me feel like I want to give the wheel a work out but I still have the cast... nuts.


Thanks for sharing the details on how Sock Hop is made! *sigh* My goal is just to get on the list! :D


what a great "behind the scenes" look at how it's created! this yarn is so special - all the hands (and feet!) it takes to make it - what a process! If I do get some, now I will appreciate it even more!!!


Thanks for a very informative post. I started spinning recently and lacked the restraint necessary to wash before knitting (I *did* let it rest for a while on the wool winder!) my Leaf Lace shawl. I'm going to wash my next batch, I swear!! Maybe I'll even do it today!

Beautiful work, thanks again!


You need a "Painstakingly Handcrafted" sticker for the labels! The anticipation of Sock Hop yarn is kind of fun too. Kind of. heehee


Wow! Thanks so much for sharing all this. Your spinning and your colours are so very beautiful. You're an inspiration!

Would you be able to recommend a book or resource about colour (planning, mixing etc.), specific to dyeing?


I'd love some Sock Hop but I think I need to buy the roving and do my own. You spin beautifully but more than that you create fabulous colors. Great pictures, too!;-)


Must be a labor of love, for sure! By the way, how do I get on your "wish list?" I thought I got on your mailing list last year, but I have never received any emails or notices since then...That's probably why I've never been able to get any Sock Hop! I just keep checking the website and it's always sold out...:(


I'm another one who wanted to be on the list but wasn't able to get on... Ah well, some day. Until then, I'll just stalk the site. :)

Devri Owen

Are you still looking for spinners? I'll say outright that I can't spin through three pounds in a week - but I have spun your superwash (American Pie) into fingering weight yarn (just finished plying it this weekend, in fact). If you are interested, I'd be happy to send you photos and a sample.

Oh, and thanks to your pictures, I just put in an order for Happy Together and Magic Carpet Ride roving. You do a great job with color, and your fiber is just a lot of fun to spin!


Nothing like the offer of sock hop yarn to draw out the lurkers!

Wonderful post. Highly educational for all the sock hop wanters who have been wondering why it is taking so long.

I have not dyed any where as much as you have, but am starting to come to the same conclusions. The latest was that it is even important how you put the fleece in the pot. It is nice to be gaining some control.


Great post. I love all the "behind the scenes" shots, the glimpse into all the effort . . . you're a much faster spinner than I! Still, I'm almost glad I've only ever bought the Sockhop roving, not the finished yarn . . . saving you all that tedious, awful work.... (grin). Beautiful!


Thanks for the insight on your spinning process. The Finished product is stunning. One of these days I'll be getting some sock hop roving to try!


Three pounds of yarn in one week? Wow! I'd be lucky to manage 4 ounces in a week :) I think it was a great idea to share the process of making Sock Hop yarn, to give non-spinners an idea of the amount of time that goes into it.

I love how Magic Carpet Ride is spinning up. The colors are gorgeous. After seeing that, now I need to get me some! I already bought some of the Glad All Over, and now that I've seen your finished yarn, I can't wait to get started.

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