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November 12, 2006



I am plying my sock hop fiber now. Your tips are quite timely!


I'll have to remember all of these little tips and tricks.


Thank you! I had always wondered if there was a better way than the spit method.

Meg in AL

Thanks for the pictorial, Teyani. It answers a number of questions I've had.


What a great tip! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


Handy information! So nice to see that someone feels the sameway about knots in yarn that I do!


Now that is a cool tip! I'm going to have to try that!


Thanks for the tutorial/tips Teyani - very informative! I am so glad that you hate the knots; there is so seriously nothing worse to me than the knots you have to untie and then fix. Your sock hop yarn is just the best!


Yay Cheryl! What a great technique! Thanks for the tutorial.


Thanks for the tutorial I have been spinning for YEARS and did not know that one. On another note my 19 year old daughter bought roving from you and spun and knit a scarf her own pattern. she could not afford Rowan being a student.It can be found at the bottom of this blog page. http://sheepshepherdess.typepad.com/sheepshepherdess/2006/10/index.html


Thank you for the tip. I have been attempting something like this with my spindle spinning, but twist likes to advance faster than I can usually control it. At least I know I'm on the right track.Cute goaties!


Fantastic pictures! I'm so glad you posted this little tutorial. I still have so much to learn and I'll defnitely remember this one. Thanks!

Beck in FL

Wow, you do know of course to a "i wanna spin yarn someday" person you've just scared me half to death with all that don't you? (smirk) It looks soooo complicated. I love however seeing how it all comes together. Makes me admire your work even more!


I'll have to forward this on to my sister - she's the spinner - and I'm sure she can use the tips!


great tutorial! and how nice of you to post it -- tutorials seem to take a lot of time!!!


Very cool technique! Blogland is a wonderful place to learn good techniques.


Yeah to Cheryl! I may need that trick now that I am spinning again, small scale spinning though, I measure in grams not pounds. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


Wow - thanks for all that info! Love the pics of the "girls."


Your talent amazes me! But, spinning and I have a love hate relationship right now. ;)


Thanks for the great tutorial! Very helpful information indeed. I'd been wondering how to get long yarn without knots. Now to practice it on a spindle.


Just to show my ignorance, do you usually join contrasting, or opposite plies, or is that mainly for the sake of being able to see it in the photos?Not a spinner yet, but that was fascinating =) very cool

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