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November 15, 2006



Wow, and you stil had time to confirm that pencil roving coming to chez trek. Gotta tell you, btrulyirish was way impressed with your customer service today. I told her you're just some cool people.


Good luck with the storm Teyani...I hate it when the power is out at the farm because we are never ready with extra water, etc. - thank god for the generator. The best thing is that your wheel is foot powered and needs no electricity at all! Congrats on selling out; it's like being in line for some big rock concert!

Sara M.

Great news! Sorry about the power outage though. I'd love to be added to the notification list, but am having trouble accessing the correct email address. If you could add me or contact me regarding this I'd be forever grateful. Thanks!


Wow--that sounds like QUITE a day!!


It sounds pretty wild and crazy out there. I'm so glad you've got a generator and can tell us you're still okay :) Stay safe and dry as you can.Congrats on the sellout!


Holy cow, when I talked to you on the phone, you seemed pretty calm. I get antsy when the power's out and the wind's howling... Must've been the aftereffects of such yarny success. Congrats...


Oh wow! Sounds like an exciting day in more ways than one. I finished spinning my sock hop roving yesterday. What timing!


How wonderful! Congrats on selling out on the sock hop yarn!Hope you get your power back soon!


Your Sock Hop yarn reminds me of Thanksgiving dinner. It takes forever and a day to prepare and then it's all over in minutes. :) Stay safe in the storms!

Beck in FL

It was stormy here yesterday too Teyani but luckily we kept our power. I can sooooooooo relate to your weather woes though. I had no idea until you and I became acquainted that storms like that happened there. I'm such a little hot house flower, I know nothing it seems! LOL!Glad you are okay and congrats again on the great SHY sale.Stay dry!


Hang in there! At least you have the generator to keep you going partially!Congrats on the sales - may it continue!!!!


quel weather! we had awful weather here yesterday complete with tornados. fun fun fun. congrats on selling out yet again! you've got some lightning in a bottle :o)


Holy Hannah! Quite the tale you have told. I hope that all remains well and the power gets back on soon. Congrats on your quick sell out! That is amazing!


My sympathies on the power loss - we used to lose power many times in the winters when I was growing up (in NY).My HUMUNGOUS, GIGANTIC, more than heartfelt thanks for putting up 'just enough' yarn that I actually got to order some of that yarn deliciousness yesterday! I think I finished my order at 8:14... talk about lucky! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!I hope you have hot water. Nothing is worse than not being able to shower... and a cold one is so bone shattering.I will think warm, cozy, not-quite-so-windy thoughts for you as I anticipate my warm, cozy, BE-YOU-TEE-FULL sock hop yarn.xo


My friend Joy got some yarn yesterday, yay! Congratulations on such a successful day! And thanks for coming over to look at my striping yarn from your rovings. I can hardly wait to cast on (and probably won't)!


Wow, what a storm. And what a day of sales! Congrats on such a huge success!


I was going to recommend that you tie the sheep to the trees, but given the strength of the wind that might not be such a good idea. "Chester, I don't think we're in Kansas, er, Washington anymore!"Congrats on the yarn successes -- it's not a fluke, you know, you guys make great stuff!


Oh, hang on Teyani! Keep safe and warm!


Wow, congratulations on a wild sale! I'm sorry the weather has been equally wild. The good thing about knitting and spinning is the lack of electricity needed. The bad thing? All the time taken from fiber in order to clean up Mother Nature's tantrum!

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