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October 25, 2009



The sweater is lovely. Does the line show as much in person? A picture will highlight it more.
Love the star fish picture and all your ocean pictures. Your parents are darling!


Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of the beach!

Oh, damned dye lots! I've had that happen. Grrr. But the sweater looks good on you!


All gorgeous photos again!


the sweater look so good on you, that sucks about the dye lot. Hopefully it isn't as noticeable in person....Love the pics....I can see that you stole your daddy's smile...you both have that little twist to your smile that makes the rest of the world wonder what you have up your sleave...


Great photos! Your parents are as cute as they can be!
Now that dyelot thing would seriously make me go homicidal. Can you over-dye it to cover it up? I'd consider doing a swatch with the two different colors and dyeing it blacker to see what would happen before I ripped that sucker out.


Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I can see the apple from the tree there.

That is more than annoying with the dyelot change. I agree with overdyeing in a similar color. Lot less time than ripping, reknitting, etc.

Still love the birds.

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