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January 07, 2009



This brings back memories... I once got 'chatted up' by a man who proceeded to tell me that it was high time I 'updated' my hair and my glasses. I did wonder why on earth he contacted me, if he thought I didn't look good. And then there was the one who was into swordfighting and who had a Russian ex who was taking their son away to Russia. You do meet some odd ones... but I've been in a happy relationship for almost 4 years now, thanks to online dating!


I'm glad you can laugh at all of this. It is pretty funny and there sure are some wackos out there! I have a friend who met her husband on Match.com. Just saying.


Laughter is good for the soul. I love the addition of color to the shawl it really changes it's whole personality! :)


Ah, the surreality of the whole thing! I actually had the best matches from a local version of one of the paid sites. It's changed names so many times that I really have no idea what is anymore, alas. Or maybe not alas!

Wool Winder

It's good there is a delete and block feature. :)

Kathleen C.

Huh... well you have had some intersting results so far...
I have two good friends (both male) who met their present partners through on-line so I know it can bring good things. Guess you have to slog through some cr*p first though! Good that you've got a sense of humor about it!


There are some scary people out there for sure!! I met Michael on the computer (on a BBS)...course that was years ago and before the internet. Boy am I dating myself here!

Hopefully you'll find a good friend or two amongst all the wackos. :)


OMG! Good for you, being able to laugh about it! It's so scary out there!

Look at your Heartwarmer! Soooo pretty!

Lee Ann

I met my husband online, but not through a matching service. That was scary enough...but at least we knew we had some things in common, having "met" in a group based around a mutual interest. My calculated risk paid off, though :-)

I'm glad you're doing this with a friend and getting a kick out of it. It's much better to approach dating with a sense of humour...given the choice to laugh or be discouraged, bravo to you for laughing! (and these dudes *are* hilarious...)


Oh honey, this just made me laugh so hard I nearly had to change underwear. I'm not sure which of the Bachelors made me laugh more, but the marriage proposals are just a kick!

My SIL did this same thing a year ago, and had similar results. There are a lot of really, um, hopeless dates out there. She did finally meet one guy that she has continued to date, though she has no intention of ever marrying the man.




My hubbie figures that one out of about 20 men is "a nice guy". YOu have to be getting close to hitting pay dirt. In the mean time, delete delete delete is a nice option ;-)



OK not really, but I've always wanted to say that.

I've got my fingers crossed for a happy (or a movie deal - whichever). To bad delete delete delete doesn't work in person!

PS High five to Erin.


Thanks for a good laugh! I tried the online thing before meeting my BF (not online). I met with 2 of the guys. One was very nice and we met as friends a few times. One was nearly proposing on the first meeting and I never had any contact with him again. Brrrrr.
Others have had success so I wouldn't give up so quickly.


Tell the next guy that proposes to deposit huge sums of money into your Swiss bank account! Ha ha ha

An interesting sociology experiment for sure...

Are you and your friend having a proposal contest? :)


Interesting experiences. I'm on a couple sites too. I've gotten no marriage proposals, but many "good christians" seem drawn to wink from the other side of the country. A high proportion of lewd freaks on the free site. The paid site seems to have a higher class of guy. I have a first date coming up on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed that I survive it!! LOL And good luck to you!

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