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October 01, 2008



I'm sending lots of good thoughts out to Harriet, and to you, too, Teyani!!!!

I think I saw you in the glass needles booth - but I was too shy to barge on up and say "are you Teyani?" - but now I wish I had!

The festival was wonderful!



Sending soft hugs your way, Harriet, as well as quick and painless healing thoughts.


All kinds of healing thoughts and good energy being sent to your mom now and in the future.


I have plenty of good thoughts to spare (most of them came from you, Teyani, so they ought to help your dear mom). They're on their way.


Kathleen C.

Though much younger (I assume) than your Mom I had two shoulder surgeries a few years ago... it will make such a difference in her life! Losing the pain and regaining the mobility... she is making the right choice.
And she's in a good place with very good doctors. I know how tough it is to be so far from your parents in a situation like this... my Dad had open heart surgery down in Pensacola, so far a way from all of us kids... that was hard to wait and hear.
I am sending good health thoughts her way, but I am reassuring thoughts yours...

Wool Winder

Did you bring any wool home with you?

Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery for your mom and peace of mind for you. I know it must be tough being so far away.


What a fun place to be! Sending healing thoughts for your mother. She'll be so much better after the pain is gone.


I'm glad you were able to get some time off and have such a nice time rolling around in all that fiber :-)
Prayers and healing thoughts to your mom...


Sending healing thoughts to your mom!!


Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! It's never easy coming back to reality after such fibery fun! :)

Sending all my best wishes and biggest hugs to your Mom. It will be wonderful for her to not be in pain any more.


It was so good to see you Teyani! Hugs and healing thoughts to your mom.


Sorry I missed you at OFF, Hubby and I were at the beach celibrating 22nd wedding aniversary. Wish I could have made it down, sounds like it was a big turn out.

Harriet, you are on my prayer list and and my sunday school class will be praying for you also, watch out because these are determined women who don't give up on prayer. We've never met, but anyone important to Teyani ranks at the top with me. Just know that there are 15 women here in your corner praying for you and for your surgens.


Hi, Teyani's Mom! Very best of luck with your new shoulder! What they can't do these days.


All the wonderful thoughts and comments made me cry. Thank you all so much. Teyani is a very special daughter and person and I appreciate having her tell you all about me. Love to all of you. Harriet, Teyani'smom


my FIL is having a similar surgery for similar reasons on Dec 11. he's 80 (men don't have a problem with that, lol). we're hoping it turns out well. if he does well with this, they're thinking about a trepanation (he has parkinson's, and it would help the shakes) but they're concerned ab out how he comes out of anesthesia.

hope your mom's surgery went well!

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