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March 22, 2008



b/c i am married to a sam, ny avourite part of the henry the 8th song is when they yell "no sam"
it makes me giggle alot.


Yayy! It looks so good! How'd you do that Minnow Knit so fast?


Enjoy your Easter! I vote to hang out outdoors! It might even be nice enough here to do that.


Happy Easter! Enjoy your day off!


Cute sweater! Hee hee - I thought you were making a reference to a Violent Femmes song. :D Hope you're enjoying your day off!


oooh, i love that cabled turquoise sweater! cannot WAIT to see it on you.


the knitting all looks wonderful!! Hope you enjoyed saturday's sunshine, because it's liquid sunshine forcast untill the end of the week. We are swimming around here, but hey a day off is a day off WHOOOPEEEE!


What an interesting way to put together a sweater! And your cable one looks wonderful! I hope you had a great day off!



one of my favorite songs from that time (i think it came out before i was born, but i'm not sure, lol).

i own minnie knits (imagine that, lol) and every sweater in that one is worked the same way re: the shoulders and sleeves. much easier than trying to set in a sleeve, fer shure.


Looks like the perfect comfy sweater with the touch of elegance.

Hope you had a lovely day-off yesterday. Did you have torrential rains like we did down here? A good day for being totally lazy. (After getting up early to play violin at the sunrise service.)


But I know you aren't 'Enery the Eighth.

The cables are luscious. I can see why you would need to keep thinking, inspecting your knitting, right direction of turn and all.

The Dicentra design IS cute. The in progress shot was valuable for seeing just how that was done. Very cool.


Sigh....Herman and the Hermits...I SO loved them when I was just a little girl!

Your little sweater is just about the sweetest thing ever!


Those cables are gorgeous. They can be tedious at times, but I think the end result is worth the effort. I'm not sure about the picot edging on a cabled sweater, though. I'm interested to see what you decide to do!

The Baby Aran is adorable!


That baby sweater is wonderful! So cute! I hadn't seen that pattern before.


That baby sweater is adorable! Your cabled sweater definitely doesn't look like it would be very portable, but boy oh boy it is gorgeous!

Hope you had a great Easter. I am playing catch-up with Bloglines right now too. Boy, it doesn't take long to get really behind, does it?


Oh man, I had such a crush on Peter Noone! Those dimples! I'm not going to get that song out of my head all day.
I love the baby Aran; very sweet.

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