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June 25, 2007



Sounds like you had tons of fun! I'm glad this trip was less exciting than the last one, though.


What fun! Your booth looked fantastic :)

miss violet

I kinda just want to curl up in that corner wtih the sock hop rovings and stay there. Always. Maybe leaving once or twice to grab some starbucks, but I could even go without that (for a while) if I was in a pile of that yummy wool.

I'm just sayin'.

Looks like a fabulous time!


What a fabulous weekend, and such great shots! Your booth looks amazing - must make you so proud to see such colours and textures and know they're all yours!


Seeing all that sock hop fiber in one place would probably make me faint. I bet you'd catch me, though. And Klaus would grab my credit card on my way down. :-)


Socky feet on the dashboard pictures make my week. Is that a knitting bag that is sort of anchored to the dashboard? What a clever idea!


I so want to be able to spend a million dollars in your booth! Everything looks so wonderful!


That looks like an amazing weekend! the camping, the nice temperatures and all the friends! sounds similar to my weekend, but insert dogs for fiber! ;)


Your booth looks awesome! I don't know how you manage to make yourself go to work every day. I would have to stay home and play with it all.


If I ever make it to the States, I'm going to have to time it with one of your shows. And I think I'll stay there for a few days. The photos just look so appealing!




Oh, I wish we'd have had time to chat but you guys were soooooooo busy EVERY time I walked by that I didn't have the heart to interrupt your sales pitch. I did, however, wave at Klaus 6541654 times. *grin*


It sounds like so much fun!! Someday. :)


I'm drooling over your booth! Yummy, yummy fiber!


It was great meeting both of you. And I love my turkish spindle!! It is much easier than the type I've been using. And the distaff--my favorite find of the weekend...or was that the roving...or the sock hop yarn. Okay, your booth was the favorite find of the weekend:)


That sounds perfectly wonderful. I'm so glad you connected spinning with so many new folks. Your booth would drive me nuts. Maybe it's better I wasn't there. Sort of.

Any idea what breed those sheep with the locks might be? Gorgeous creatures.


As always, your pictures are wonderful! It looks like a good time was had by all. I am just chomping at the bit to go to a fiber/spinning fest!

And the locks on those sheep are amazing.


sounds like it was a busy weekend! maybe i need to work a west coast fiber festival into my schedule next year...better start working on the hubby now :o)


Your booth looks AWESOME!!!!


Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences at the fiber festival. I loved clicking on each and every photo and feeling so jealous that I wasn't there to touch all the fabulous fiber at your booth. I'm starting to feel the spinning bug and I think it's all your fault! ;-)

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