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June 06, 2007



It never fails... something is always amiss on an RV trip. I wouldn't trade those times for anything. Isn't being co-pilot the best way to knit socks??


Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So glad that you made it home safe and sound!


Wow, that fiber show looks like it was so much fun! The trip home was starting to sound very worrisome, but I'm glad the solution was a quick one, and you were on your way home again!


You had an adventure but it all turned out well (and you got another sock to show for it, too!).
The festival looks like it was a dandy!


Wowza! That was some fiber show! I am sure everyone was delighted to see your wonderful roving! All the gorgeous colors you make:)

Its too bad about the RV scare--but Thank God it was managed on time and no real disaster ocurred!

Hey all this time I wondered what the little pillow on the sock bags your mom makes could be used for? Now I understand --A picture is worth a thousand words. Now I feel like I must have one those for when I am knitting socks in the car:)


Yes, the rough times aren't nearly as rough in retrospect, but mostly you remember the fun you had! It's the adventure that counts, right? :o)


You're right about camping stories - I've got a million of 'em, too. So glad you guys made it home safe and sound. Yikes that was a close call! Hugs to you.
oh, and about those bags your mom makes . . .


Whew! I am SO glad to hear that things turned out ok in that situation and that you otherwise had a lovely time!


What a tale! The RV fairies were definitely smiling in you that day.

But the fiber! I swoon! I drool! Heart palpitations! What a booth! What a show!
And now for a question. In the picture with all of the spinners, there seem to be a lot of wheels that are slightly tipped. What kind are they? I'm thinking about getting a new wheel in a fw months and am looking at options.


Wow, you guys were really lucky it wasn't worse. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound! And glad you had such a nice time!

Karen K

What a fantastic trip, glad you made it home safely. And the stories and photos - wonderful. Although to be honest, I'm not sure which photos elicited from me the biggest "ooooh" -- whether it was the photo of those beautiful mountains or the photos of the Sock Hop yarn (sigh). Will you be at Black Sheep?


Wow! That fiber show looks like it was just fabulous. I would just love to get to one of them. Too bad Hawaii's interstate highways don't quite live up to their name.

I'm so glad you made it home safe. I can't believe how hot it was there! You're guardian angles were really working overtime there!


Wow, what a trip. Glad to hear you made it back in one piece. I love the pic of all the spinners at the festival. I almost want to save it as my screen saver.
I have to ask if the Happy Together sock is the Crosshatch Lace pattern from the second Sensational Socks book. I only ask because I'm currently knitting that pattern and yours looks similar.

p.s. I am in love with your merino roving. I currently have 4 of your colorways in my stash and I don't think I'll stop until my collection is complete (smile). I really think that your fiber should come with a warning about it's addictiveness:-)


Great story Teyani. I love travelling with Ed and we have had our share but like you said there is a magic to it all.

Okay I wish my monitor had touch-o-vision because everytime you show your booth I am itching to jump inside the monitor - it looks so freaking fantastic!

Love the socks; they look so wonderful.

I love the mountain photo; it just looks so majestic - RV's make for good photos!


I'd like to sleep in your booth...

And wasn't it great that the RV pooped out on the way home, and not on the way there? Glad you made it home safe and sound!


Phew! How scary the story could have been!


Wow! So happy it all worked out. Stories of how a bad situation worked out ok are always good to retell.


One of the reasons why I enjoy road trips so much, is that something invariably goes a little sideways on a trip. It's the stuff stories are made of.


oh my gosh! what an adventure!!! i guess this trip isn't one for the "economical" RV theme... :)

that sock bag is such a neat idea! I had to go back to look at it and noticed that it's hanging from the dash! brilliant!


I'm glad the moterhome problems were solved before they became worse. I just had to laugh when Klaus told me you got stuck in Moses Lake, not because it was a funny situation, but that I grew up on a farm in the middle of that desert and dad insisted on Moses Lake as a vacation spot many a time.... NOW you know why I live on the "WET WEST SIDE" So glad you are home safe and sound! Can't wait for Black Sheep for your next rv adventure!


it sounds like you were very very lucky!!!! I hope you plan to let the first dealer know because he may have done the same thing to other rvs.

Terry M

Great story! And since Susan and I travelled almost the same route for conference - I can truly attest to the large amount of desert! You guys were soooo lucky to have this happen at Moses Lake and not out in the boonies. Glad to hear it was nothing serious - well ok, maybe serious - but having once owned an RV myself I know what LARGE repair bills they can generate!!!!

Was good to see both of you at another conference. And as tired as we all are - we're looking forward to Black Sheep! Let's hope it's cooler this year.


It sounds like it was an adventure for sure!!! Love your booth set up and of course your gorgeous fiber!!!

I really love that little knitting ball holder you have on your dashboard!


wow, what a trip! in every way . . your booth looked beautiful and i am anxious to check out those other fiber artists you mentioned.


Glad you had a great fiber fest and made it home safely. Your booth was amazing! Some day we will hop in the car and head west to one of your events. But next week, we are headed up to NC and KY (in my car).

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